Album Cover Album Title Date Issued Where to Buy Description
New Music for Bowed Piano New Music for Bowed Piano
(New Albion Records NA107)
1984, re-issued 1999 Available at or Early bowed piano compositions, including Rainbows and Resonant Resources
Minerva's Web/The Tears of Niobe Minerva's Web; The Tears of Niobe
(New Albion Records NA026)
1990 Available at or Meditations on two tales from classical mythology made vivid and colorful by Ovid's telling of them
Vikings of the Sunrise Vikings of the Sunrise
(New Albion NA084)
1996 Available at or Fantasy on the Polynesian star path navigators
Paisajes Audibles/Sounding Landscapes Paisajes Audibles/Sounding Landscapes
(Albany Records Troy 649)
2004 Available at or A Fantasy song-cycle on landscapes of the Canary Islands, with soprano Victoria Hansen
The Deep Spaces The Deep Spaces
(New Albion Na132)
2007 Available at or A Fantasy song-cycle on Lake Como and the Italian mountains, with soprano Victoria Hansen
Ice and Fire Ice and Fire
(Navona 5937)
2013 Available at or Essays on climate, geography and global cultures