Paisajes Album Cover

Reviewer Comments on
Stephen Scott’s
Paisajes Audibles/Sounding Landscapes
Albany (Troy 649)

" times touching on Puccinian lyricism (the song "Azul"), flamenco bravura ("La Guitarra"), and reminiscences of courtly dances ("La Canaris")...the piece is anchored by a mysteriously seductive refrain that helps bind the hour into a coherent, compelling whole."

James Keller, "Chamber Music," Vol. 22, No.1,January 2005 (pp. 70-74)

"...when (soprano Victoria Hansen) sings along with the Bowed Piano Ensemble expect the walls to melt down again as you return to the almost primordial atmosphere guaranteed to enrapture."

New Music Box (American Music Center online journal)

"...a well-written, highly communicative expression of a strong, haunting idea. I'd love to hear it again."

Charles Ward, "The Houston Chronicle"